Provides several accelerator programs to support women interested in entrepreneurship or seeking job opportunities.

Reduce gender inequalities in economy and digital / support women during times of crisis / provide skills and support to women / prepare future female leaders

GenerationW provides several accelerator programs designed to support women to escalate their engagement and participation in economy, entrepreneurship and the new era of the technological revolution.

The impact of the program is to:

  • Support women’s participation in economy
  • Reduce gender inequalities in digital
  • Support women during and after the Covid-19 crisis
  • Provide women with skills to tap the full power of the new technologies and create economic opportunities
  • Prepare future female leaders by boosting their career and personal development

What would you gain from the program?

GenerationW is the opportunity to grow and flourish in the world of economy and digital. The program will give you free access to trainings, meetings, networking, business visits, workshops with the best experts… And in addition several certificates and acknowledgements.

What is the aim of the program?

The aim of the program is to promote the economy of the future in Brussels by supporting women in their career and personal development through mentorship, support, technical skills, trainings and access to networks.

Criteria for candidates?

Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you interested in entrepreneurship? Are you looking to develop your skills to enter the job market? Do you need support in your professional project and/or your personal progress? If yes, then one of our programs is for you.


Identify the program that meets your needs and check the deadline. (Check “Editions” section)


It’s for free, so just apply!

Language of the activities?

Mostly French, but also Flemish and English.

in French, in Flemish in English





6 months
to 1 year


What are the activities?

GenerationW Workshops and trainings

Workshops and trainings

GenerationW Coding session

Coding session

GenerationW Sessions with experts

Sessions with experts

GenerationW Inspiring talks

Inspiring talks

GenerationW Mentoring


GenerationW Networking


GenerationW Other surprises

And other surprises ...

Please note that we shall take all the measures against Coronavirus as stated by the government to ensure the safety of everyone.

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COVID-19 RESPONSE: Womenpreneur Initiative extends its solidarity to all those who are suffering because of the coronavirus pandemic. The global health emergency we are facing is affecting everyone, but once again women are on the front line. As the virus spreads globally, women, who make up the majority of healthcare and service industry workers, are suffering the most from the social and economic disruption. When crises strike, gender inequality is exacerbated.
But even in these troubled times, we cannot give up hope and our work is more important than ever. That’s why we will continue pursuing our mission to empower women all over the world.