RTBF interviewed Sana Afouaiz about the GenerationW program

The founder of the Womenpreneur Initiative, Sana Afouaiz, was interviewed by “RTBF” to present the GenerationW program

On the 3rd August 2020, the television program “RTBF” dedicated a special interview to the founder and director of Womenpreneur Initiative, Sana Afouaiz, concerning the GenerationW program. 

During the interview, Sana Afouaiz described the GenerationW program that the organization launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 crisis. The initiative, which was the first accelerator program in Brussels in the middle of the pandemic, aims to support female business. Read more about GenerationW here.

Here you can find the complete interview in French.

Why GenerationW in Bruxelles?

The main focus of the interview was the need to launch the GenerationW program in Bruxelles, targeting marginalized groups of women. 

In fact, Bruxelles and its economy have been threatened by the unprecedented global health crisis of Covid-19. The crisis has already started unequally affecting the job market, severely affecting women and their businesses.

This is the reason why the 50 participants of the GenerationW Program are women living in Bruxelles that have been seriously impacted by the economic crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic or that have experienced difficulties in accessing the job market. 

Women from marginalized districts, young students, women willing to open a new business or that were forced to close their own due to the crisis, women that left their job to take care of their children and that are now ready to enter the job market again... these are our participants. They all belong to marginalized backgrounds, in terms of age, occupation, and access to opportunities. 

“GenerationW stands for Generation Warriors”

The conviction of Sana Afouaiz stated in the interview: “economic crisis or not, it is necessary that women occupy more space in the technological and innovative sectors.”

As Sana Afouaiz pointed out: “It is necessary to invest in women since they are excluded from STEM careers. Women in Belgium work mainly in the healthcare and educational sectors. Due to the crisis and the technological revolution, many of these jobs will disappear leading to further exclusion of women from the labor market. In Belgium, only 14% of women work in STEM-related fields and 56% leave their job and less than 10% of start-up founders are women.” 

As a matter of fact, as the tv presenter specified: “Womenpreneur Initiative had to organize a fundraising campaign to collect laptops so that its candidates could participate in the program.”

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