Inspiring women in Belgium: Meet Véa Waroux

The Womenpreneur Initiative presents a series of inspiring women entrepreneurs in Belgium. Meet Véa Waroux!

The Womenpreneur Initiative is launching a series about inspiring women entrepreneurs in Belgium. Its aim is to increase awareness about female role models in the Belgian community.

Today, we present to you Véa Waroux  - an HR that combines Technology and Humanity.

Véa Waroux is one of the experts in our GenerationW program. On the 2nd of March, she gave a workshop on how to be resilient during the crisis we are facing. The meeting was really inspiring and it pushed our participants to pursue their projects and dreams, showing resilience and strength. 

Don’t miss Véa’s next intervention on the 16th of March! She will be talking about how to make a great elevator pitch! Register to the  event here: 

Véa Waroux

Véa is a psychologist, working in the Organization and Work (ULG). She began her career as HRBP in a Brussels-based company specialized in the support and development of innovative high-value companies. 

Since then, she gained strong experience in recruitment and she got involved in the field of inequalities at work. She describes herself as someone who has always fought for her ideas and advocated for female entrepreneurship.  

The interest in technologies

Over time, Véa became interested in new technologies and the digital world, as well as in coaching candidates graduating from coding school.

Her We Are People project aims to be a media stem, as well as a place of exchange and inspiration for candidates wanting to orient themselves in men-labeled sectors, such as 3D, aerospace, maintenance. But also to raise awareness in the HR world of all this potential of female talents that often do not dare to take steps in search of jobs. 

Véa’s mission

Speaker, mom, and entrepreneur: Véa’s mission is to be able to bridge new technologies, training centers and raise awareness among companies about the insertion of these atypical profiles in the field of STEM.

"Work is not job" is her motto! “Stop talking about “Job Seeker”. Let’s talk about “people with skills to give”.

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